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Homework can be a hassle for parents and their teenagers; when to do it, where to do it, and whether to do it at all. Nevertheless, there are many benefits for student s if they do homework that is given.

Doing homework usually leads to better results at school. As students progress to more senior levels, those given homework do better academically than students in classes not given homework.

Research shows that parents can do most to help with homework if they:

  • have a positive attitude to the task
  • share ideas about learning and achievement in general
  • provide a suitable space – ideally with plenty of light and well away from distractions like TV
    encourage their children to set a regular time for homework that is flexible enough to accommodate other commitments
  • acknowledge the completion of homework tasks and praise their child’s effort and good study habits.

Teenagers appreciate parents who take an interest in their school day and their schoolwork. It can help to discuss homework in a non-judgemental way, to keep yourself up to date and, where possible, help your teenager obtain the resources they need.

Homework also gives your teenager the chance to practise self-management. Let them take responsibility for their homework. It is the school’s job to follow up where students fall behind, but as a parent, you will find it worthwhile keeping in touch with the school’s homework expectations.

Prepared by the Parenting Research Centre
© Victorian Government Department of Human Services


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