When parents and teenagers don’t see eye to eye

It comes as no surprise that the teenage years can be trying. And while most families manage to get through this period more or less intact, even enjoying each other’s company, for some families these turbulent years can be tough; a time of constant conflict, distress and high-risk adolescent behaviour. These families need strategic one-to-one help so their adolescents can develop their independence in a constructive way, and find their own place in the world supported by positive relationships.

Many parents worry about their children getting involved in dangerous activities when they reach teenage years. Swinburne researchers have conducted research that tries to identify how parents' attitudes about their parenting, influence their child's behaviour and attitudes. Parents who had been the parent of a 10-16 year-old child during the past 30 years were invited to complete an online survey about parenting, their relationship with their child and the way they see the world.

This survey is now complete and results will be pulished in the near future.

The ABCD program is now available for the Somali community. Parents of adolescents in Victoria's Somali community recently took part in an ABCD program delivered by trained Somali facilitators.

This trial with the Somali community of Victoria has broadened the reach of ABCD, making it more accessible and culturally relevant to a wider range of Australian families. Participating families reported that the ABCD program was relevant and enjoyable for their families.

The ABCD program was developed with the assistance of a consultant with expertise in dealing with communities that are culturally and linguistically diverse. It is also available in Arabic, Macedonian, Spanish, Vietnamese and Turkish. The ABCD program has now been delivered to over 4000 families across Victoria, from English and non-English speaking backgrounds.

Click here to download a full report of the project.


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