ABCD gives you practical information and ideas about how to develop trusting, positive and accepting relationships with your young teenager. It encourages parents to:

  • communicate with their teenagers
  • be available and responsive to their children
  • be involved in their children’s lives
  • let their children develop their own identity and sense of responsibility.

Children in strong parent-child relationships are more likely to test their responsibility in safe ways, rather than through risky behaviour such as drug use.


The ABCD program is available in two formats:

  • ABCD delivered over 4 weeks in 2½ hour sessions
  • ABCDPlus delivered over 6 weeks in 2 hour sessions. This format is ideal for parents who require further information to deal with existing conflict or issues with their adolescents. This course also allows more time for parents to practise skills.

Both formats are limited to small groups of up to 15 parents. A trained facilitator works together with parents to enhance their skills and parenting strategies.

ABCD programs are held in a variety of settings, including community venues such as schools, in metropolitan and regional Victoria.

Program Delivery in Community Languages

The program can be delivered in eight community languages to parents by practitioners who speak the language and have completed the ABCD facilitator training. The languages are: Arabic, English, Chinese, Macedonian, Somali, Spanish, Sudanese, Turkish and Vietnamese.


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ABCD Program

Resources in your language

A selection of topics from ABCD parenting resources have been translated into the following languages:

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